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Indian Rocks Beach Home For Sale

Beautiful Beach Home
Beautiful Beach Home In Great Location

   - $275,000

   -  Indian Rocks Beach Home For Sale that has many updates and is move in condition.  Click link for property information.




David P Craven
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Clearwater Beach Things to Do, Watch Clearwater Beach

The northern winters results in many visitors going south to Florida as an escape from the cold weather, and Clearwater Beach continues to be a favorite place for these "Snowbirds". While visiting Clearwater Beach, listed below are some of the activities that the Clearwater Beach area has to offer. Jolley Trolley is a good means of transportation around this beach community. (727-445-1125) The main thing to do will always be the "Beach" and the "Main Event" will always be the beautiful sunsets there. Clearwater Beach has a nightly festival at sunset by Pier 60. Suncoast Cinema at Pier 60 shows FREE movies on Friday and Saturday nights at 9:00 PM.

There are many boats leaving the marina at Clearwater Beach for fishing or water tours. A couple of favorites for water tours include Sea Screamer (727-447-7200) and Captain Nemo (727-446-2587).

Need groceries or miscellaneous items, the good news there is a Publix at the eastern part of Clearwater Beach in Island Estates off SR 60.

Are you looking for a special treat then try Clearwater Beach Spa, Salon South Beach, Island Estates Hair and Nails, or the spa at Marriott Suites Clearwater Beach on Sand Key. (Sand Key also has a great beach to visit and there is plenty of parking along with a sailing center).

Clearwater Beach is in Pinellas County Florida and this county offers numerous choices for playing golf.

While visiting Clearwater Beach stop in at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium (home of Winter, the star of Dolphin Tales). Still have time to spend while at Clearwater Beach then go south to Indian Shores and visit the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary.

There are many great restaurants on Clearwater Beach and one of the most popular is Frenchy's (four locations) with their famous grouper sandwich. Frenchy's Rockaway Grill is a great place to end your day at the beach and see the "Main Event" (sunset).

Clearwater Beach has many award winning designations including America's Top Family Beach, Best City Beach, One of the Best Beaches From Maine to Hawaii, one of the Top Singles Beaches in Florida, and Clearwater Beach continues to be one of the most popular places for Spring Breakers to visit.


David Craven
Charles Rutenberg Realty 

Remember there is a very good reason that Florida is known as the Sunshine State if you really need another reason to visit Clearwater Beach. 

How To Avoid Common Home Buyer Mistakes


A good and experienced REALTOR can often make the home buying process look simple. A major mistake made by many home buyers is to assume it is a simple process and not account for the various complexities when buying their dream home. They then learn an expensive lesson too late. This list is presented so that homebuyers can avoid some of the mistakes that others have made.

1. Looking for a home prior to talking to a lender in person. The lender should be one you can sit down with and who has been recommended by others. Do not fall for those too good to be true deals found on the internet. Your REALTOR can help you with which lenders are most likely to close the loan for qualified applicants. Understand that your credit score may raise your borrowing cost and necessitate that you buy less house. Know that your fixup cost can sometimes be included in your loan at closing. Some buyers may assume they can not afford a home because they did not seek the assistance of a good lender. Know that just because you qualify to buy a home, before spending the money find out if the home qualifies. Just knowing the difference between the two types of modular homes can make a dramatic difference in your lending cost if a modular home is your choice. (On frame will often have higher borrowing cost). Some condominiums or vacant land may not be eligible through your lender. A mistake that is often made is when a buyer makes a large purchases after the loan application and prior to close. This includes furniture and cars. They may then disqualify themselves.

2. Not using an agent that looks out for your best interest. Remember my opening statement about how a good an experienced  REALTOR can make it look simple. It is not simple and a buyer should always have good representation when around a seller's agent, open houses, for sale by owners, or new construction. Do not allow a seller's agent understand how you feel about their listing. A good seller's real estate agent not only knows the right questions to determine your motivation, they look for the nonverbal signs. It is important to be sure to let your agent know all your wants and needs so they do look out for your best interest. Do not commit to more than one agent during the buying process.

3. Not objectively analyzing your cost. Buyers often rationalize they can afford a house at the expense of not looking at the big picture. This is a partial list of some of the additional cost;
a) Appraisal
b) Credit report
c) Home Owner's Insurance
d) HOA or Maintenance fees
e) Property taxes
f)  Deferred maintenance cost and cost of updating
g) Home inspection 
h) How much are your living expenses prior to this purchase, use the appropriate numbers in your budget.
i) Potential utility cost

4. Not considering location. This home will someday need to be sold so what may not be important to you may be important to the next buyer. Are the schools good, shopping nearby, employment accessable, what will happen in the future around the house. The beautiful farm that borders, can it become something undesirable or the road that borders the property will it become more heavily traveled and consequently expanded? Does economic obsolescence or functional obsolescence apply to the property and if so has that been considered in the price?

5. Not using a professional inspector.

6. Buying the most you can afford on two incomes.

7. Compromising on the the important things. Figure out what is absolutely necessary and stick to it. Along with this do not be too picky and lack vision when you find the diamond in the rough. Do not be seduced by minor upgrades such as a clean painted house with great curb appeal if it does not meet your vital criteria otherwise you will probably regret moving there.

8. Thinking distressed property or distressed seller equates to a great buying opportunity.

9. Not understanding where you are in the real estate cycle. This is not always easy to discern and understand and even though you may be in a buyer's market, there may be certain areas or price ranges that have become a sellers market. A REALTOR can help you work through this and know what is hot and what is not. A traditional tool used by many real estate agents is months supply. How many months based on current sales trend will it take to sell a similar home with six months supply representing a stable market. If there are five months or less of housing inventory then it is considered a seller's market and prices will likely rise. If the inventory of similar houses is seven months or more then prices will possibly be coming down. Has the housing inventory been decreasing or increasing the past six months is also important factor?

10. Not doing a serious final walk through. Take pictures prior to the offer to purchase and if there is something  of value that may be changed (chandelier), then take that picture also. Never assume that just because something was in MLS or there when you preview the house that it will be there at closing. Get it in writing with your initial offer.

There are of course other mistakes that a home buyer can potentially make in the home buying process. Because the market in the Tampa Bay Area has gone from a "Buyer's Market" to a "Seller's Market" recently some common mistakes that are now occurring are; Always looking for a better deal and lowballing instead of negotionating realistically. Since the housing inventory has declined and interest rates are low and the market in most of the Tampa Bay Area has become a seller's market and there is becoming an upward pressure on prices and less housing inventory.


David Craven
Charles Rutenberg Realty

Top Ten Things To Do | Florida Spring Break on Clearwater Beach |

Florida is a favorite destination during the spring break season. A traditional favorite area to visit are the beaches in the Tampa Bay Area and especially Clearwater Beach. Listed are my suggestions for the top ten things to do while visiting Clearwater Beach this spring. The main thing to do will always be enjoying the world famous 2.5 miles of white powdery sand beaches and the most important event to attend is the beautiful sunsets a Pier 60. Those are obvious and if visitors need more, these are my suggestions of ten more things to do;

1.Visit Sand Key with plenty of parking, a beautiful beach, nature trail, fishing, picnic, sailing, and restroom facilities, along with a beach concession.

2. Shop at one of the many unique shops on Clearwater Beach.

3. Dine at Frenchies for great food especially grouper. 
4. Water boat tours from one of the many boats leaving the marina for water tours or fishing. Two of the favorites are Captain Nemo (727-446-2587) and Sea Screamer (727-447-7200).

5. Play golf at one of Pinellas County numerous golf courses.

6. Take advantage of a free movie on Friday and Saturday nights at 9:00 PM at the Suncoast Cinema at Pier 60 on Clearwater Beach.

7. Take the "Jolly Trolley" (727-445-1125)  to Indian Shores and visit the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary.

8. Visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

9. Visit Pier 60 and fish or use the playground.

10. Treat yourself! Go to Shermaines Salon and Day Spa, Clearwater Beach Spa, Island Estates Hair and Nails, or the spa on Sand Key at the Mariott Suites Clearwater Beach.


David Craven
Charles Rutenberg Realty

Contact David Craven for all your Clearwater Beach real estate needs. Search Clearwater Beach MLS listings at www.DavidCraven.com


Top Ten Reasons to Invest In Florida Real Estate

There are many reasons to invest in Florida real estate and continuing with my top ten series I am including my top ten reasons to buy now. 

10. Because you are investing in Florida and the same reasons people leave the north and move here still exist.

9.  When renting the investment the renters will be paying off your loan. The current market dynamics have rental vacancies decreasing and consequently rents increasing.

8.  Real estate investing although less liquid than the stock market has traditionally been less volatile.

7. History has demonstrated the number one way to become a millionaire is investing in real estate.  

6. Possible tax breaks (check with your accountant) with possible interest deductions, capital gains tax, and deferring taxes with a 1031 Exchange.

5. Power of leverage to increase your return. Positive leverage is when an investment returns more than the cost to finance. An example of this when an asset is returning 9% of the original purchase price and the cost of financing is 6% then there is a positive leverage of 3%. During the boom years of real estate this had become quite a challenge in Florida because of the high prices people were paying for their real estate investment and the low rate of return they were achieving (Capitalization Rate).

4. Buy the real estate below market and you have an instant profit. If you live in this property for two years then you may qualify for tax free profit. If your property is an investment then after a year you may qualify for capital gains tax. (Verify with your accountant) Owning real estate also gives the investor the opportunity to create a profit by making necessary improvements.

3. It still is a buyer's market so there are still a good quantity of distessed properties and distressed sellers that allow buyers a great bargaining position. Buyers do not have to just settle for foreclosures in disrepair, or short sales with their unknowns, there are many other opportunities that currently exist.  

2. Interest rates are at an all time low and by leveraging a purchase can keep the cost of a home or a real estate investment at minimal. When buyers perceive that interest rates are rising then often they buy quickly resulting in less selection of property to choose from. In a buyer's market more investors are willing to offer creative financing such as owner financing.

1. Real estate market is cyclical and currently at an all time low or near an all time low. A cyclical markets also suggests what goes down will go back up (appreciate). The economy appears to be slowly improving and excess housing inventory is decreasing. A buyer who is selective can capitalize on this. In many areas of Florida owning a home is now less than renting! Real estate has been a safe investment over the long term.

The bonus reason and possibly the most important to many people is pride of ownership along with giving people a sense of achievement and stability. Real estate is tangible and can be enjoyed unlike a stock that is intangible. When you need help with your real estate investment in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida visit www.davidcraven.com or contact a real estate agent, David Craven, with twenty years of investment experience in Pinellas County and Hillsborough County Florida.

David Craven
Charles Rutenberg Realty

Top 10 Reasons Houses Do Not Sell and What To Do

There is never a better time than now to reevauate why your house has not sold. Just as real estate buyer's have been empowered in their search for homes online, seller's can be empowered to sell their home faster through knowledge and making the necessary adjustments. David Craven, REALTOR, with RE/MAX Realtec Group has provided the 'bottom line" advice with what he has observed as the top ten reasons houses do not sell and what to do to overcome these obstacles.

10. Floor Plan - Buyers can not always visualize how their furniture will fit in the floor plan of your house. Sellers with the help of their REALTORS can rearrange their furniture to maximize its appeal to make the house more applicable for a larger number of buyers. This can help overcome the buyer's "confusion objection".

9. House Stinks - The smell of cigarettes and animals to a buyer is not the smell of money to sellers. Many buyers will just "keep on walking'. Get rid of the odors and not just fight the symptom by masking it with deodorizers. Deoderizers just create red flags that suggest a problen is being hid.

8. Curb (un)appeal(ing) - Buyers often make a decision to buy a house prior to walking in the front door. (Remember the front door is the only way a buyer should first enter a house). Sellers can make quick fixes to enhance their curb appeal through landscape, exterior paint, and at the very least paint or fix the front door.

7. Do not ignore the 'handwriting on the wall". - This is what happens when a seller ignores the real and somewhat obvious reasons why the house is not selling. Selling a home in this market requires a team effort with the seller and the listing agent along with the buyer and the buyer's agent. This team effort needs to be a win win. Symptoms of ignoring the "handwriting on the wall" disease is when the sellers blames others  individuals and conditions when the seller has been refusing to listen to the good advice given by a trusted real estate professional such as a REALTOR, appraisor, or home inspector. Some of the others symptoms of this potentially costly disease are showing appointments based solely on sellers convenience, allowing a home for sale in the over personalized or clutter state along with refusing to stage for success, and sticking to a seller's price and terms during negotiation when pride is the reason. A successful seller will often not just focus on how their house compares to their neighbor's house instead they adjust their method of selling their home (and Price) to what is relevant to their competition in the real estate market.

6. Seller is a FSBO - The majority of buyers have demonstated that they prefer to work with a real estate professional. A for sale by owner eliminates the majority of the available buyers when they choose to go it alone.

5. Location - often determines the quantity of buyers who will desire your home and who will see the benefits of living there. Marketing that makes a house stand out (exposed) along with focusing on any and all positive features in a house will help sell a house in a poor location. A good price is a positive feature for a poorly located house.

4. Economy - A buyer's market is not the problem, it is symtom of a broader economic problem. Realtors have often used the criteria of more than six or seven months supply of housing inventory is a buyers market and less than five or six months inventory of houses is a sellers market. (Yes, there are others variables such as buyer and sellers motivation). The number one reason for a buyer's market is weak employment outlook. If a buyer is unemployed or believes they will lose their jobs, then they will not buy. Believing housing prices will decrease will also cause a buyer to delay the purchase. Interest rates will affect what a buyer can and will buy. Traditionally when interest rates are rising buyers will get off the fence and buy because they see their housing cost start to rise. Finally too many houses on the market allow some houses to be overlooked because they did not stand out. Real estate purchases have tradionally been based on the economic principle of "law of substitution". By addressing the principles outlined in this article sellers will be better prepared to allow their house to stand out among their competition in this buyer's market.

3. Condition - Fix it and move on. Poor condition of a house can create an assumption in the buyers mind that there are more things wrong than there actually is.

2. Marketing - Passive marketing in a buyer's market is ineffective. With approximately 90% of buyers empowered to look for real estate online then houses for sale need to be all over the internet. Real estate listing
syndication has become essential, meaning the greater number of real estate web sites that a home is listed on then the greater the probability it will be found. (Period). Another way of emphasing this is "if you want to find a needle in a haystack more quickly then put more needles in the haystack".

All listings need good photographs. Since there are a large number of houses on the market, buyers and buyer's agents will choose or eliminate prospective houses based on the photos (or even the quality of the photos). If the photos do not create a desire or demonstrate a benefit to owning your house then they offer little or no value and can be a reason for a house not to be shown. Finally all houses need a marketing plan based on the individual home's needs and the sellers' needs.

1. Price - can potentially overide everything else. Pricing a home lower than what the market dictates based on the seller's time frame is obviously a waste of money. Pricing a house too high will eliminate a large number of buyers and the buyers who do see the overpriced home will compare it to the properly priced houses. This pricing strategy can actually cost a seller more money over time than an underpriced home. The over priced home is a great marketing plan if you want to help sell your neighbors home. Does your home have functional obsolescence (example four bedrooms and one bath) or economic obsolescence (example highway noise or border a railroad ) then be sure you have taken the appropriate price adjustment.

Additional information on how a seller can stand out in this market by following the link below.


David Craven
Charles Rutenberg Realty




Asheville North Carolina, A Top Place to Buy A Home Or A Second Home.

Asheville North Carolina continues to be one of the top places in the US to buy a second home. MSN Money released the list of the top ten places to buy a second home and Asheville, NC was on the list. Asheville, NC has continued to be listed on different list as a top place to own a second home or a place to live year round. The choice for this city by MSN Money at this time weighed on the fact that if you want a good second home (or main home), make the choice based on its investment potential, and more than one third of second home buyers said that they wanted to buy where others wanted to buy a home.

Asheville NC also fits the criteria used for a second home choice with its weather, scenery, and an active real estate market. Some of the important criteria MSN Money used for the choice also included proximity to a growing urban center, plenty of recreational choices, being able to get out in December, growing commercial investments in the community, a location with the "it" factor, one that is known to be a growing destination for the movers, shakers, and celebrities (where the demand for housing appears to be increasing).

Asheville North Carolina is a mountain town that boast the Biltmore Estates along with a thriving arts and crafts community. The price of homes have appreciated 35% in the past five years, according to EscapeHomes.Com, versus a national medium growth of 27.8% for the same period. Buyers of real estate in the Asheville North Carolina area can have access to the Western North Carolina Regional MLS to search listings for homes, land, or second homes for sale in that area. 


An extensive list of the numerous awards the mountain community of Asheville North Carolina has received can be found at the website listed below from Explore Asheville.        http://www.exploreasheville.com/press-room/asheville-quality-of-life-awards/index.aspx    What to do, where to stay, and where to eat while in Asheville North Carolina can also be found on that website. Come to Asheville North Carolina!

David Craven, Realtor
RE/MAX Mountain Realty